Young Alum

YA Event: A Conscious Career Path

On April 17, a cozy group of young alumnae met at the lovely library of an apartment building in Downtown for an inspiring career session with Candice Brokenshire. Highlights include creating a satisfaction wheel, finding your value set with two word concepts, envisioning and analyzing yourself 20 years in the future and learning how to handle all the voices in your head. 

For further resources, Candice recommended Ruth Chang's How to Make Hard Choices TED Talk, Marcus Buckingham's Go Put Your Strength's to Work, The Arbinger Institute's Leadership And Self-Deception and the Kolbe Assessment. The whole group plans on getting together again in two months to see how they've have succeeded in their goals. Thank you to everyone who attended and donated to The Smith Fund and HUGE thanks to Heidi Novaes '88 for putting together such an informative and helpful event.

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