Career Network

Real Stories of Entrepreneurs:

On Wednesday, April 20, almost 30 Smithies drove in from all parts of Los Angeles to the Westside Tavern for a panel on entrepreneurship, featuring Alyson Roux '09, Karen Brown '72, Tricia Ting Lee '93 and Wendy Brynford-Jones led by Lindsey Venne, Program Specialist, Office of Alumnae Engagement at Smith College. Smithies from class years '50 to '16J, and in all careers were in attendance for this fantastic event.

The panelists shared their experience and advice, especially emphasizing the important of networks, like the Smith alumnae network. Other pieces of advice included taking people to lunch often, thinking positively, handling your own bookkeeping and saying yes to opportunities. Thank you to our four local panelists, and Lindsey Venne for such an enjoyable and informative evening. 

Special thanks to everyone who gave to The Smith Fund at the event! Your support ensures more events can be planned in the future.

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