Celebrate RallyDayLA 2018!

Today, as the Smith community celebrates Rally Day, the Smith College Club of Los Angeles celebrates RallyDayLA!

RallyDayLA is a one-day online challenge to raise at least $500 for the SCCLA and Spetnagel Endowed Scholarship Funds.  These scholarship funds help support Los Angeles and Pasadena students at Smith College.  The majority of students from the Los Angeles area receive financial aid, so scholarships from these funds, along with support provided by the Smith Fund and other endowed funds, are crucial to the next generation of Smithies.

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I want to thank all of the donors for their generosity in subsidizing my education here at Smith. I would not be able to attend this great institution if there were not generous people who care about helping students like me obtain an education despite our economic problems. Thank you for your kindness.
— A recipient of the SCCLA Endowed Scholarship

Founded in the early 1960s, the SCCLA and Spetnagel Endowed Scholarship funds have supported dozens students for over 55 years. With your donation today, we will be able to continue to ensure that Los Angeles and Pasadena is one the most well-represented areas at Smith College.

Note: 75% of the funds will go to the SCCLA Endowed Scholarship and 25% to the Spetnagel (Pasadena) funds, unless otherwise specified by the donor.

If you prefer to make a gift via check for RallyDayLA, please contact Kristin Matthews ‘91 at fundraising@smithclubla.org

EIN Number: 95-6194075 and BRIDGE Number: 0666363436

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